Here to Help Clean

Highland Park, Gold Coast, Queensland, 4211

Servicing all Home Sizes!

We clean most buildings of any size. This includes cleaning units, duplexes, and any home that is two, three, or more storeys high we can get it done. We also specialise in shopfronts, commercial buildings of any size, retirement homes, schools, service stations, restaurants, cafes, hotels & motels and many more.

Hand-Picked Employees

You can teach a skill but you can’t teach someone to be a nice person. All of our team reflects this – they are friendly, well mannered, honest, highly trained, well presented and professional at all times. All our staff have their police checks and can be trusted in any type of location.

Done Right, The First Time

We pride ourselves on getting any job done right the first time. This means you can trust our experienced, well-trained team to get the job done without having to second guess if the work is being done to the highest standard and quality.

Supporting Local Business

Here to help clean is owned and operated right here on the Gold Coast. We’ve been servicing homes and business for years and thank all of our loyal customers for supporting local businesses

About Us

Here To Help Clean is a family cleaning business which services many businesses and homes local on the Gold Coast. The quality of our work is most important because it’s important to you. We pride ourselves on getting the job done right the FIRST time.

A few years ago we started off by cleaning a handful of Gold Coast window cleaners, we have now expanded to gutter cleaning, solar panel cleaning, pressure cleaning plus external roof & house washing. If you’re in the middle of spring cleaning, preparing for an event, getting ready to sell or simply just trying to maintain the cleanliness of your home or business – we’ll be here to help.

The HTHC team is handpicked to make sure that they too value high expectations of quality, reliability, punctuality, honesty and friendliness. You can see more than 60 five-star reviews on Google and Facebook from our many happy clients.

If you haven’t used our services before or you’re unhappy with your current cleaning company, then we encourage you to call local Gold Coast business Here To Help Clean – you won’t be disappointed!

At Here To Help Clean we get things done right the first time. We do our best to get your windows cleaned fast and hassle-free, AND we clean up after ourselves as we go. Our team are well qualified, friendly but professional and trustworthy in everything we do. We are very fussy with our work and customer satisfaction is no.1. We always make sure we treat your property with respect leaving it in a better condition than when we arrived.

Our Technique

We use some of the worlds best equipment on all our jobs because we believe our clients and team deserve the best. Our price includes the cleaning of the frames, sills, fly screens and tracks.

In most cases, we operate without the use of a ladder to make sure we don’t damage the outside of your home or leave any dirty streaks on the walls of your home. This allows us to clean your windows efficiently, safely and thoroughly.

We use our PURE WATER SYSTEM outside your home leaving your windows, frames and seals looking squeaky clean.

Communication and Punctuality is Key

At Here To Help Clean we believe communication is crucial to keep our clients happy and in the loop at all times with what is happening. You will receive a text message the day before to confirm your job is booked in for the following day. On the day your job is booked in as our team member starts to travel to your job you will receive another text message advising you they are on their way and how many minutes until they arrive. Once we have cleaned your windows you will never have to have dirty windows again as we can schedule a regular clean for you according to your needs and location. After your service has been carried out, if you request it, we will follow up with a text message letting you know when your next service is due.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Cleaning your Gold Coast solar panel cleaners system can increase the efficiency of your panels up to 40% more when you have them cleaned by us. We clear around your solar panels where needed to prevent birds and other animals from nesting under them. We use our PURE WATER SYSTEM not soapy water, a broom or washer and squeegee. Cleaning your solar panels with detergent may void the warranty. Our process leaves your panels free from ANY impurities helping you to get 100% out of them again. It protects your investment and makes it last longer. Leaving bird & bat poo, leaves, pollen, traffic pollution, salt, dust for too long can permanently damage your panel cost you thousands to reinstall and replace. We use some of the best equipment in the world to get your solar panels squeaky clean which in turn makes them last longer too. We inspect your roof and advise of any areas of damage or concern. We supply before & after pics so you can see the difference our work makes.

Gutter Cleaning

Why is it a good idea to have us clean your gutters?

  • Heavy rain can wash over your gutters into your eaves and inside ceiling costing you thousands.
  • Your gutters become a place for pests to breed and spread into your home.
  • Dry debris in your gutters can be a VERY DANGEROUS fire hazard.
  • Debris in your gutters can cause corrosion and rust to set in.
  • When left unclean the weight can make your gutters buckle needing replacement costing you thousands.
  • Contaminated water from debris in your gutters can flow back into your water tanks making your water a health hazard.
  • Insurance companies can knock back your claims if you haven’t had your gutters regularly cleaned & maintained.
  • Gold Coast Gutter Cleaners

What we recommend and why choose us

  • Regular reminder for your gutter cleaning service can be scheduled to suit your home and location.
  • We clear your gutters to the elbow of the downpipes and check your downpipes are clear.
  • Thorough coverage of all your gutters
  • We inspect your roof for free and report any damages/areas of concern.
  • We clear by hand when needed to prevent any mess damaging your property.
  • Removal and disposal of any debris we find in your gutters.
  • Clean up any debris that is left on the ground or on the exterior of your gutters.
  • We supply before & after pics so you can see the difference our work makes to your gutters.
  • We take care to not damage your roof or gutters when carrying out our work.
  • Fully insured & experienced to work at heights safely.

Soft Washing

Softwashing is a cost-effective way to increase the life of your paintwork on your home for up to 7 years. It will also increase the curb appeal of your home making it look like new longer. Softwashing is normally lower pressure maintaining the integrity of your building. We use a cleaning process that is safe and Eco-Friendly and adaptable depending on what we are cleaning. We often use this process when cleaning mould, algae, dust, bird/bat poo, insect nests, cobwebs and other stains on your building.


Softwashing is quick and cost effective for most homes or commercial buildings. We use a special mould and dirt retardant keeping the dirt & mould away for longer. We always take care when it comes to your plants, pets, water reclamation and runoff.

Soft washing is often used on the following surfaces:

  • Exterior of Homes and commercial buildings
  • Metal, Tile, Terracota Roofs
  • Canvas patios, Shades Sails, External Blinds
  • Timber Weatherboards, sidings, gutters & eaves
  • Older Colonial & Queenslander Style Homes

Pressure Washing

For some surfaces, the most efficient & cost-effective way to get them clean is with pressure. We may also use a specialised treatment to help breakdown the organic matter on the surface first followed by pressure cleaning making it a more effective way to clean in some situations.


The treatment we use has a surfactant in it that is environmentally safe, biodegradable and also acts as a mould retardant. With any type of cleaning once the marks have been removed it may leave some shadowing or faded marks on the surface. This may be caused due to the age, sun bleaching, or oxidisation of the paint.

Surfaces we use pressure cleaning for may include:

  • Concrete Driveways & Pathways
  • Concrete Carparks
  • Decking
  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Paving, Pebblecrete, Stencilcrete
  • Tennis Courts

Our entire team is properly qualified and experienced to carry out this work safely and skillfully. We are also fully insured for up to $20m Public Liability and have WorkCover for our staff.

Roof and House Washing

Over time like everything you own, your home can quickly get a build-up of mould, dirt, algae, mould, dust, cobwebs, insects, bird & bat poo. All these types of dirt can leave your house walls, gutters, eaves looking filthy and in need of a new paint job.


That’s where we come in – DON’T repaint!

It’s a lot cheaper to have your Roof & House Washed by our team of trained professionals saving you thousands.

We have a customised treatment solution at Here To Help Clean for all types of residential homes & commercial buildings. We use a treatment process that includes a mould & dirt retardant that keeps the mould & dirt away longer giving you better value for your money. Our Roof & House Washing method will breathe new life back into your home making it look like new again leaving it looking squeaky clean.

Our team is properly qualified, experienced and insured to carry out all of your Roof & House Washing Needs.

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